Kirkbride Center gets an overhaul with the help of Equinox MC

In 2013, Equinox MC was contracted by Kirkbride Center to overhaul and renovate their facilities as part of a long term re-positioning of the campus facilities.  

As of July 2014, Equinox MC has completed over 22,000 sq. ft. of renovations and fit-outs for Kirkbride Center with more projects in the works.

Kirkbride Center

Kirkbride Center


The Kirkbride Center was formerly known as the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane in the 1800s.  Designed by hospital superintendent and chief physician, Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride, the Center’s architectural pattern for hospital construction centered around providing patients with light and air to promote optimum healing an comfort.  These architectural plans along with Kirkbride’s standard of moral mental health treatment greatly contributed to the American psychiatric community of the time.

1895 Bromley Atlas, Photo courtesy of

You can read more about the history of Dr. Kirkbride and the Institute of Pennsylvania Hospital in this article by Hidden City

Kirkbride Center Today

Today, the Kirkbride Center is a licensed 245-bed, comprehensive behavioral health care facility sitting on an urban campus site of 17 acres of land in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia.  The Kirkbride Center’s campus is also home to other social service organizations such as Families Forward Philadelphia (formerly known as Travelers Aid Family Services).

Some of the renovations completed by Equinox MC include:

  • Kirkbride Admissions Office –  Housed in the a 1970s extension of the original Kirkbride building, Equinox MC completed a fit-out of a redesigned and remodeled wing to incorporate a consult room, office, two exam rooms, and a bathroom.
  • Families Forward Philadelphia –  Housed in the Kirkbride Center, Families Forward operates the largest non-profit homeless shelter for families in Philadelphia.  Equinox MC completed a fit-out which spanned two floors and included the renovation of 9 bathrooms, 17 sleeping quarters, a dining hall, and laundry facility.
  • Women’s Shelter by Gaudenzia –  Gaudenzia offers drug and alcohol treatment programs including specialty programs for women.  Equinox MC completed a fit-out of Gaudenzia’s Women’s Shelter which is housed in the Kirkbride Center.  The renovation included 18 bedrooms, 40 sleeping quarters, 5 bathrooms, laundry facility, and an upgraded sprinkler system.
  • CRI LifeTree: Philadelphia Research Center –  CRI LifeTree operates their inpatient and outpatient Philadelphia Research Center of Excellence on the Kirkbride Center campus.  Equinox MC will be renovating CRI’s Nurses’ Station with additional projects in the works.
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