Mission Statement

“Balancing change with sustainability in our built environment.”

Equinox Management & Construction, LLC mission is to provide high quality property management & construction services to the real estate industry. Furthermore, we are committed to positive change, balanced with sustainability, in our built environment.

1. We are committed to the following sustainability principles:

  • Revitalization of existing urban neighborhoods
  • Reuse and renovation of existing buildings
  • High-quality, durable construction practices
  • Active property maintenance to prolong the life of buildings
  • Energy & materials decisions based on full life-cycle costs
  • Contributing meaningfully to the communities where we work

2. We recognize that our tenants are our customers and we are committed to excellent customer service.

3. We are committed to treating our employees with respect and we expect our employees to be loyal to Equinox.

4. We will work in the spirit of pride and excellence.

Contact Us

Equinox Management & Construction has moved! Our new address is:
1521 N 31st Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19121
TempleTown Leasing Office: 215-232-3707
University City Leasing Office: 215-966-8627
Email: info@equinoxmc.com

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